Who are RASA Studios?

RASA Studios are a subset of the Noxsquad, which in turn is a community of people built around the projects of the Noxcrew.

What is RASA Studios #OneSpecialDay?

We've been friends for many years at this point, and for a good number of these, we've been running the Noxsquad Gameshow. To date, we've run four 24 hour charity streams, and you can see the results of those on the main RASA Studios Charity homepage. We really like doing these long-form streams, and we'd like to try to raise money for charity again!

We'll be playing a variety of games (not just Minecraft!) for 24 hours, and we'll be trying to get as many people from our group to take part throughout. From casual drawing and lying in some Jackbox games to fast-paced action in Overwatch; from the item-focused craziness of Mario Kart to the ball-kicking goals found in Rocket League, there'll be something for everyone!

Special Effect puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of those with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. You can read more about what they do here.

When will it take place?

RASA Studios #OneSpecialDay took place on Friday 4th October 2019 from 5PM BST and ran for 24 hours. We broadcasted to our Twitch Channel. You can find the VODs of our previous events on our YouTube channel.