Who are RASA Studios?

RASA Studios are a subset of the Noxsquad, which in turn is a community of people built around the projects of the Noxcrew.

What is RASA Stands Up To Cancer?

Over the year and a half that we've been running NSGS, we've picked up a few things about how to put on a live event, and with your permission, we'd like to put our collective "What could go wrong?" attitudes together to help people. We'll be playing a variety of games (not just Minecraft!) over the course of 24 hours, and we'll be trying to get as many people from our group to take part throughout. From casual drawing and lying in some Jackbox games to fast-paced action in Overwatch, there'll be something for everyone!

Stand Up To Cancer puts your fundraising money to great use with Cancer Research UK, researching how we can finally make cancer a thing of a past. It's genuinely a big deal to us, and we hope that you'll help us to raise as much as we can to defeat it once and for all.

When will it take place?

RASA Studios Stands Up To Cancer took place from Saturday 25th November 2017 at 12PM GMT and ran for 24 hours. We broadcasted to our Twitch Channel, which is where you can find the entirity of the stream saved as highlights (or on our YouTube channel here). You can see the schedule we followed here.